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Our Best Available Price Guarantee.

We want you to find the best price on your next hotel booking.

Should you find your hotel room at a lower online rate after you have booked through a partner website that is listed on our website, we will refund you the difference, subject to the conditions below.

Conditions apply:

  1. The lower rate must be available on the website that is not participating in comparison engine.
  2. The lower rate is with a third party provider (other than the official hotel website or owned websites).
  3. Your rooms must have been booked through with one of our providers at the lowest rate listed.
  4. As rates change dynamically, you must contact us at [email protected] within 24 hours of paying for your booking. Your email should include the following information: your name, reservation number, copy of the confirmation e-mail/voucher and the website where the lower rate is available.
  5. Any booking guarantees with our partners websites will take precedence over any claim made through our site.
  6. The guarantee is not applicable for same day bookings.
  7. The lower rate must be available at the time we review your claim, It must be found online for an equivalent room at the same hotel and dates as booked.
  8. The lower rate must be in the same currency as that booked.
  9. Your booking must not be cancelled or subject of a no show.
  10. "Best Price Guarantee" does not apply to hotel rooms purchased through in who;e or in part through reward or loyalty programs or special promotions of the hotel where the booking is made.
  11. Mystery or Secret hotel rates are not included

Successful claims will have price difference amounts credited to your PayPal account only within 30 days after the check-out date of your reservation with the best priced booking provider listed on

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[email protected]

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